Dance quietly in the summer with silent disco parties in Vancouver


You know queues to get into clubs are bad when there’s an Instagram account that tells you how long it will take to get in.

Now you can beat the crowds by attending a series of outdoor dance events around Vancouver with a unique twist.

Silent discosco-DJed by Kasia and Le3sa, take place every weekend around town in a variety of outdoor locations.

According Le3saelectronic music producer and singer-songwriter, Silent Discos is an easy way to let loose and have fun.

“When people arrive at a Silent Disco event, we lend them a pair of Dream Unlimited wireless headphones that connect to our DJ controllers,” Le3sa explained. “People can change channels to select the DJ they want to listen to and their headphones will light up with their channel color.

“Once you put the headphones on, it’s like being in another world. So if you’re worried about feeling self-conscious about your dancing skills, just escape into the music. Everyone dances too, so the good energy is contagious.


Kasiaan electronics producer and owner/founder of organic bamboo clothing company Kasi Bamboo, adds that everyone is welcome at Silent Discos and no experience is necessary.

“The great thing about Silent Discos, besides the fact that they’re quiet and can happen virtually anywhere, is that people can dance at their own level of comfort,” Kasia added. “So people can dance alone on the beach or in the forest with friends.

“I’m really introverted, so I know exactly what it’s like to be uncertain in a situation. That’s why I really try to make people feel as comfortable as possible at our events. The world really needs more kindness right now and music is for everyone.



The cost to participate in a Silent Disco event is $10, which covers headphone rental for the duration of the event. Kasia and Le3sa along with guest DJs play a variety of genres including house, drums and bass, hip-hop, EDM, and more.

Silent Discos pop up every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at various outdoor locations including Sunset Beach, Grandview Park and under the Burrard Bridge. Participants can even go for a hike to the energetic soundtrack.

Silent discos

Discos silent/submissive

“On Sundays we do a quiet disco hike for four hours on a different trail,” Le3sa said. “The DJ wears a vest that holds his turntables in place and he is able to DJ and walk at the same time. So everyone goes through the forest with the helmets. It’s a fun and healthy way to hike.

For Kasia, Silent Discos has been a great way to help give back to the Vancouver music community.

Silent discos

Discos silent/submissive

“Giving artists the opportunity to perform with the city as a backdrop on a weekly basis at low cost so everyone can hang out is so cool,” Kasia said. “I think people are still recovering emotionally and spiritually from the pandemic, so being able to bring people together safely outdoors is another way to build good positive energy.

“Music has saved my life many times, in more ways than one, and I want to do it for others.”

For more information on upcoming Silent Discos events, follow them on instagram.

Silent discos

When: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus special events
Time: Various times
Where: Various places
Cost: $10 for headphones rental


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