FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Singer Says ‘AfterLife’ Is Only Second Album In Over A Decade He’s Sobered


In a new interview with Germany Antenna Rock, FIVE-FINGER DEATH singer Ivan Moody talked about the lyrical inspiration for the band’s new album, “Life after death”. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I think in every record, if you listen to it from the first stage, from “The Way of the Fist” [2007], you can even hear the differences and the similarities in my voice – the progression, the ways I grew up. Each album is a signature of where I was in time. You can find me all along ‘The wrong side [Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell]’ [2013], ‘[American] Capitalist’ [2011], ‘You have your six’ [2015].

“This album is a staple for where I’m from,” he continued. “You have to remember this is only the second record I’ve made since “War is the answer” [2009] that I was clean of alcohol, so it was important for me to reconnect with my music, man. It’s just such a special album for me, man.

“There are a lot of compromises when you’re in a band – when you’re in anything… It’s just the food chain; there is a pecking order in life. And in a group, you are always going to give and receive; there are always winners and losers; best part of a song wins. But sometimes I didn’t feel like that was the best part of the song. And I was quoted as saying the last two albums that I didn’t think were that good, and I meant ‘You have your six’ and ‘And Justice [For None]’ [2018]. I thought ‘F8’ was one of our best albums. But “And Justice” and ‘You have your six’, it was monotonous, as if we were doing the same thing, performing the same movements. And that’s what I wanted to get away from.

“Gotta love what I do, man,” Moody added. “And ‘Life after death’ It’s exactly that. It is after all what we have done in the past. It’s a prelude to a kiss. Most people didn’t think we were supposed to do two albums, let alone nine. So all those times they wished us dead, we made sure they knew the underdogs don’t go away so easily. And it was another chance… this was another chance for us to prove, ‘You wanted us dead? Well, there it is. Here is the afterlife.'”

When the interviewer noted that the word “beyond” in the title is written as a single word with the letter “L” capitalized, Ivan That’s because when I originally wrote it, I meant is like two separate words. But when you combine them, they obviously mean the only one – the angelic, the beyond. So I wanted it to be noted that after your life was really the intention. After what you do every day – after your job, after the chore, after going to see your friends – who are you at the end of the day? When you’re lying all alone in your bed and you have a lit candle and you’re listening to your favorite song and thinking without interference, that’s after your life. And so I wanted it to be obvious to people that this is what I wanted. It’s supposed to have a double meaning. It’s not ironic, it’s a double edged sword. So I’m glad you figured that out, man. And honestly, you’re the first person to catch it. Well done.”

The “Life after death” the title track, which was released as a single in April, recently gave FIVE-FINGER DEATH most consecutive No. 1s on BillboardMainstream Rock Airplay Chart from . The song was the group’s 13th number 1 overall and eighth consecutive entry on the chart.

FIVE-FINGER DEATH2020s tracking “F8” was again recorded at stash recording studiothe Las Vegas, Nevada facility owned and operated by Kevin Churkothe Canadian producer/sound engineer and songwriter who has worked on all FIVE FINGERS‘s albums beginning with the group’s second release, 2009 “War is the answer”.

“Life after death” is FIVE-FINGER DEATHthe debut album by with its latest addition, the famous British virtuoso Andy Jameswho replaced Jason Hook in 2020. james previously featured on “Broken World”a song that appeared on the second installment of FIVE-FINGER DEATHthe greatest hits collection of, “A Decade of Destruction – Volume 2”released in fall 2020.

Since FIVE-FINGER DEATHthe first album of, “The Way of the Fist”released in 2007, the group released six consecutive albums which were certified gold or platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) as well as two greatest hits albums on the charts. In addition, FIVE-FINGER DEATH has won numerous national and international awards and honors over the past decade, such as the prestigious Soldier Appreciation Award from the Association Of The United States Army, an honor given to only one other artist before them: Elvis Presley.

“F8” debuted at No. 1 on the rock charts worldwide, with Top 10 debuts on the mainstream charts in the United States, Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and more. He produced four No. 1 hit singles with “Upside down”, “A little behind”, “Living the dream” and “Darkness Sets In”. The group has amassed over eight billion streams and three billion video views to date and sold over one million tickets between 2018 and 2020 alone.

FIVE-FINGER DEATH just kicked off a headlining US tour presented by nation live. Beginning in Ridgefield, Washington on August 19, the trek will span over 30 dates and conclude October 15 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The group is joined on tour by rock icons MEGADETHwith additional support from THE HU and THE FIRE OF THE GODS.


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