Flathead Piano Singer Releases Second Album


After living in big cities like New York, Seattle and Nashville throughout his adult life, local musician Eric Alan returned to his hometown of Kalispell four years ago to recalibrate his life and determine his next one. moving house.

Alan started getting paid concerts as a piano singer at venues such as the Firebrand and Lodge in Whitefish Lake, where he found a niche playing background music at fine dining establishments.

“One thing led to another and I looked at my schedule and had a ton of gigs,” Alan said. “So I stayed by accident and it was really good for my music career. “

Since returning home, Alan has managed to make a living playing music exclusively after working in industries ranging from public health to retail in big cities.

On October 28, Alan released his second album with 10 original songs at Bigfork’s Jewel Basin Center with a full band including his longtime drummer Rick Martinez of Portland and The Gold Sisters of Nashville on guitar, violin and music. harmony.

Singer-songwriter and pianist Eric Alan in his Kalispell studio on October 13, 2021. Hunter D’Antuono | Flat head beacon

“It’s always fun to do a concert like this because a lot of times I play ambiance in a restaurant,” said Alan. “It will be a captive audience that will listen to my creations and I can really share them.”

With melodic influences like The Killers, Coldplay and Kings of Leon, Alan’s self-titled new album draws heavily on past relationships.

“I went back to my music archives,” said Alan. “It’s kind of a timeline and experiences with places I’ve lived. It covers four or five cities and three or four different relationships.

Alan recorded the album in a 14-by-12-foot bunker which he converted into a studio, with an approximately six-foot-high ceiling surrounded by 14-inch-thick cement, covered with fur-lined walls and carpet to absorb sound on his parents’ property. in Kalispell.

Growing up, Alan watched his father play the piano, accordion and harmonica in the house where he was introduced to Elton John, Billy Joel and Ray Charles.

Learning the piano at the age of 5, Alan never thought he would master the instrument, but he retained it all his life, continuing to sing and play in groups, although he did not never thought he would make a living doing it until he moved to New York. City.

Singer-songwriter and pianist Eric Alan in his Kalispell studio on October 13, 2021. Hunter D’Antuono | Flat head beacon

Since returning, Alan has released his debut album titled First Step, but this is his first night of an album release.

“I definitely don’t want to stop doing what I’m doing,” Alan said. “I love the professional musician lifestyle I have in the valley. The goal is to get people to notice my original music more.

Although Alan has performed in several groups throughout his career, he is now generally a solo musician, still playing the piano.

“I grew up playing the piano,” Alan said. “It’s an incredibly universal instrument, especially for a solo musician. The way I can save my voice with the piano is very gratifying.

Eric Alan’s album release party will take place at the Jewel Basin Center on Thursday, October 28. Doors open at 6.30 p.m. followed by a concert at 7.30 p.m.

To confirm your attendance, visit www.musicbyericalan.com.


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