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2020 was a pivotal year for music in Greece: Spotify started bringing local content to Greek listeners, as did the Greek rapper Snik released their first album, TOPBOY. For the rapper, the convergence of the two events was an example of the alignment of the stars. “When Spotify is [editorial] The launch in Greece coincided with the release of my debut album, it was a great opportunity for me to work with Spotify to achieve huge milestones,” SNIK shared. At the time, the rapper was the featured artist on the cover of Spotify’s playlist”Hot Greek Rap.” Today, nearly two years later, SNIK is still taking the music scene by storm and breaking Spotify records in the process.

Upon release, TOPBOY went on to earn SNIK the title of best-selling artist in Greece, and he set records with the most streamed album in a day and in a week on Spotify. The rapper’s latest album, 1987, which debuted in mid-January, has largely followed suit. It broke SNIK’s previous record for most streamed album in a day and a week in Greece, and its popularity helped SNIK cement its place as the most streamed artist in a day and a week in the country.

The Athens-born rapper may be enjoying similar success, but his sound has changed over the past two years between releases. “I believe that my music and I have evolved since the release of my first album,” SNIK said. For registration. “The music, lyrics and vibes of my tracks [for 1987] reflect a more mature version of myself.

SNIK’s second album consists of 11 songs that cover different topics with a variety of musical styles, including unique productions from his music producer, Bretbeats. 1987 also features other artists from the local rap scene. SNIK’s hit “girl» with the rapper Shelf was the most successful, including breaking the pre-existing record for most streamed track in a week in Greece. “The song’s feature with Rack was a surprise for fans and a long-awaited collaboration. Even though we have different styles of rapping, our flows blended together perfectly and created a masterpiece. It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album,” SNIK said.

SNIK may rap in Greek, but it finds listeners across borders in countries like Germany, Italy, Cyprus, the UK and Serbia. “SNIK is a magnetic artist, intelligent and committed to his audience and his musical partners like us”, shared Melanie Parejo, Spotify’s Music Director for Southern Europe. “His unique artistic perspective and production make SNIK a strong performer in his genre and beyond.”

The rapper’s fans were eagerly awaiting 1987and they got a sample of the new music when SNIK teased a few tracks on their Social Media. “I think the main reason why this album resonates so much with fans is because it speaks to the hearts of the audience,” SNIK explained. “People know that I created this album with a lot of effort and love.”

SNIK enjoys his success but he does not sit still and does not take a break. He is currently working on a deluxe version of 1987 with more tracks and collaborations. The artist also travels around the world to shoot the video for the album. “As always, my fans can expect me to pioneer the rap game and give them the best rap tracks and videos on the scene,” SNIK said.

Get to know the rapper with the This is SNIK playlist, below.


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