Italian techno music producer Mirko Pallucca has released his new EP “Psycho War Elephant EP”


Deep performer-singer Mirko Pallucca spreads its musical charm with its outstanding soundscapes. Their heartfelt lyricism and intriguing melody attracted many listeners. His rhythmic theme songs gathered a lot of listeners in such a short time. His caliber of restoring tracks in different ways made his approach unlike any other musician. He is an independent artist who manages to create, sing and produce the songs on his own. This artist has inspired all music lovers with his prolific work.

This Italian techno music producer touched many listeners with his magnificent work. He climbed to the top of the charts with his latest creation, named Psycho War Elephant EP. This EP is created with four outstanding songs. Each track on the EP is made from different perspectives. His unique way of presenting soundscapes created a completely different image of him in the industry. This artist is a shining star in the world of music. He showed his creative talent by giving various songs. In addition to creating songs enriched musically and lyrically, his perfect deliverance made him even closer. The songs’ groovy and catchy music stays in the minds of listeners for a long time.

Mirko Pallucca contributed by giving skillful soundscapes. Apart from “Psycho War Elephant EP”, some of his brilliant creations are, ‘One Against All (WARHORSE IV)’ and ‘Honey Batcher (Free DL)’. The musician experimented a lot with his works and tried to come up with a range of different types of music. Its various types of soundtracks have accumulated a large number of audiences. All his creations are available on SoundCloud. Visit his profile to listen to the songs. For more on his upcoming music, follow this artist on Facebook and instagram.

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