Live At The Linda with JD Wilkes, Tom West and Molly Durnin


Tonight we’re focusing on the unsung heroes of any live-action show and often my favorites, the medium, or more commonly known as the opening acts. Everyone starts somewhere, and great music shows often start with an appetizer to help get you in the mood and introduce you to a new flavor, a new sound, and maybe a new favorite. What would Thanksgiving dinner be without a stack of appetizers, what would Jeopardy be without the Wheel of Fortune. I digress … but you get the idea.

The opening acts aren’t always music over music, sometimes you need a smile on your face before the band starts, it’s part of what we do and we highlight that in a segment on ” Live At The Linda “called” In Other Words “tonight, we start with the comic strip Liz Glazer who joined us a few months ago. In other words, here’s Liz Glazer live at the Linda.

JD Wilkes is an American musician, visual artist, author, filmmaker and self-proclaimed “Southern Surrealist”. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (notably on harmonica and banjo), having recorded with artists such as Merle Haggard, John Carter Cash, Mike Patton and Hank Williams III.

Wilkes is perhaps best known as the founder of the legendary Shack Shakers, a southern gothic rock and blues band formed in the mid-1990s. Fans of his work with the legendary Shack Shakers include Stephen King, Robert Plant and the former leader of the Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra. Rolling Stone named Wilkes “Best Vocalist” at the 2015 American Music Association Festival for his performance with Shack Shakers. JD toured with Robert Plant and the Black Keys, and in 2015 he opened for Charlie Parr here at Linda. Without further ado, here is JD Wilkes.

Tom West is a singer-songwriter with a distinctive and androgynous vocal style and a propensity for writing catchy and tender folk songs often complemented by ambitious arrangements and cinematic flair. After a COVID-forced touring hiatus in which he returned to Australia for most of 2020 and 2021, West will return to the road less traveled: with tour dates in November to celebrate his outings in recent years. tumultuous years as well as new ones present fans with a newly imagined acoustic version of his hugely popular song “Easy, Love”. Let’s hear from Tom West, who opened for Emily Wolfe in 2020, live at the Linda.

Molly Durnin is a powerful singer-guitarist with an engaging stage presence. She has performed continuously as a full-time musician for the past nine years, making her a rarity among female artists. She has received high praise as a singer-songwriter because of the breadth and depth of her writing, and she has paid her dues as a cover artist in countless venues and locations. water across the United States. Molly opened for The Waterboys in March 2013, since opening here is Molly Durnin.

Thank you again for listening to “Live At The Linda” tonight, recorded live at Linda: WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio. Join us here next week for a preview of ERIA, which will be back on stage at The Linda on Saturday, December 11.e. We will also be back in 2010 with a set of Crash Test Dummies.

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