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TR PHOTO BY TREVOR BABCOCK Eric Verdulla is a local Marshalltown musician knowledgeable in a diverse set of musical genres and will soon be bringing his talents to Wells Fargo Arena to perform the national anthem.

A local Marshalltown musician is currently working hard to prepare for a list of opportunities.

Eric Verdulla to perform the national anthem at Wells Fargo Arena in November before auditioning for the NBC singing contest “The voice” in December and released her solo album in January.

After performing in front of an audience of five, the chance to sing for the Wells Fargo Arena crowd gave Verdulla goosebumps and tears in his eyes, he said. With a friend’s group unable to play, Verdulla was offered the chance to do a duet performance in an Iowa Wild game on November 13.

“I needed it then” said Verdulla. “I was really starting to get down to where I was at.”

A few weeks before receiving the opportunity, he and his girlfriend were driving near the arena.

“We drive around there and I’m like ‘this is my dream.’ My dream is to play Wells Fargo ”, said Verdulla.

Last year, Verdulla auditioned for “The voice” and reached the second round. He received an invitation to audition again this year in order to go further.

“It gave me a purpose” he said. “It gave me something to strive for and really allowed me to focus.”

During the audition, he plans to show off his diversity of vocal abilities. Verdulla currently leads one of Marshalltown’s best-known heavy metal bands, Agony of Defeat, but his upcoming solo album will present a different tone in the realm of soft rock and country.

“I was scared, because I was in a rock band for a very long time, to show that I liked country music, soft rock music and R&B music. But finally I was like, ‘Man, it’s me. It’s me, and I’m not changing, ‘” said Verdulla. “I just want to be the best I can be all the time. I want to be the best rock musician I can be, the best R&B musician I can be, the best country musician I can be.

While Verdulla feels very strong in his rock voice with Agony of Defeat, he feels that his country and soft-rock voice comes more naturally to him. As for what he likes most, he says it depends on where his life is – right now it’s the country.

“If I’m feeling a little nervous and excited and want to tell you what it is like, it’s an Agony of Defeat song.” said Verdulla. “If I want to talk about my emotions, my love and my compassion, on that side, I’ll do country and soft rock. “

Open-mindedness to music has been with him for as long as he can remember: Verdulla’s mother playing in a band is one of his earliest memories of music. While many musicians might not let a small child play with their instruments, Verdulla recalls the band members letting him bang on their drum kits and guitars. His studio career began with R&B vocals, and he recorded his first track at the age of 14.

Among his upcoming opportunities, the release of his new album, which has been in the works for two years and includes 15 original songs, is the most important thing on Verdulla’s mind. He invites anyone to visit his Facebook page and provide comments, which he takes seriously.

“I can guarantee you that every time you come to see me, I will give you a show” said Verdulla. “I’m going to give you as much perfection as possible, and we’re going to have a great time.”

He said many people mistake his music for a hobby, but Verdulla sees music as a central part of his identity.

“I’m bleeding this” said Verdulla. “This is what I am. This is all I am.


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