Martin Brundle confuses basketball star with Patrick Mahomes in Miami GP blunder


The Sky Sports F1 presenter thought he was interviewing the NFL quarterback but the penny quickly plummeted as he interviewed on the Miami GP grid.

Martin Brundle mistakenly thought he was interviewing NFL star Patrick Mahomes

Martin Bundle’s legendary walking grid reached new heights when he confused basketball prospect Paolo Banchero with NFL star Patrick Mahomes at the Miami GP.

The Sky Sports F1 presenter, who has been an iconic sports broadcaster for years, has long had a thing for interviewing oblivious American celebrities when walking the grid before races, but that has led to some of the TV shows the most engaging. Last year he had a famous incident with rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s entourage before the United States GP, which led to him calling for respect on the grid.

But ahead of the first Miami GP, with celebrities appearing from afar in the paddock and on the grid, Brundle made a mistake that had Formula 1 fans on social media laughing. With a jam-packed schedule, the presenter chased basketball player Banchero, shouting “Patrick!” before complaining that he probably couldn’t hear her above the noise.

However, it was in the middle of the interview with the hulking sportsman that the penny finally dropped, with Brundle realizing he wasn’t actually talking to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Mahomes. “It’s not Patrick, that’s why he ignored me,” he told the Sky Sports camera.

He then went on to ask, “What’s your name, sir?” Gracious as always, Banchero told Brundle before the Sky reporter replied: “Well I thought I was talking to someone else, I’m sorry about that.”

Banchero, 19, is in fact one of the brightest prospects in the sport and will enter the 2022 NBA draft where he is expected to be a top-three pick. He spent last season playing college basketball with Duke, averaging 17.2 points and 7.8 rebounds. Banchero officially declared himself for the NBA Draft just weeks ago, giving up his remaining college eligibility.

It wasn’t the only flashpoint during a turbulent walk on the grid as Brundle twice tried to interview David Beckham before finally succeeding on the third attempt and there was an entertaining exchange with DJ and record producer DJ Khaled on the grid.

“We in Miami is my home, the best city in the world,” DJ Khaled said, even before Brundle had asked him a question. “The whole world is there for this beautiful event. F1, family fun, good energy, superstars, icons.

In typical Brundle style, he replied, “I’m not going to add anything more. Very well summed up sir. »

The walking grid has been a social media treat with many F1 fans enjoying the television on-screen. “Martin Brundle the gift that keeps on giving,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another said: ‘Nothing is better than Martin Brundle trying to talk to celebrities.

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