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Jersey City resident Anthony Brown, who goes by the name Deep Cova, has had quite a remarkable career in the music industry, and he’s still living his dream. Working for musical artists like Trina and Rick Ross, Deep has worked hard to get to where he is today while striving to make a difference in the community. Read on for Hoboken Girl’s profile of Deep Cova.

Succeed in The Biz

Deep grew up in southern Jamaica, Queens, which is also 50 Cent’s hometown. The 40-year-old producer and musician says his form of survival was the streets.

“I started out as a street kid,” shares Deep. “When I was growing up, things were tough. I remember 50 Cent slapping Crown Fried Chicken and it was either you fight, shoot or run. Iran. I wasn’t that good a fighter back then.

He credits his cousin, Ike Lee III, for giving him the boost he needed to pursue an education in the music industry. Ike Lee III, formerly of 3Boyz From Newark, is a producer, music engineer, musician and writer.

deep cova drummer trina

^ Deep Cova and Trina

“My cousin gave me a chance to be his protege and through him I learned about the production and writing aspects,” Deep says. hoboken girl. “Because I was raised in this industry by my cousin Ike, I walk into a room and Tony Dofat (record producer), Al B. Sure!, and Christopher Williams are my family. Faith Evans too. I knew these famous people as family.

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In addition to learning from his cousin, he says he learned to play instruments “at a church in Brooklyn called Mount Ollie Baptist Church.”

For the next few “decades”, Deep’s career consisted of working on Latin gospel music and hip hop. He produced music for Mr. Cheeks, a rapper known for working with the musical group Lost Boyz; Mr.Talkbox, which featured on the Bruno Mars track 24k magic; and rappers Maino and Jim Jones and Peedi Crakk, formerly of Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records.

deep cova profile hoboken girl

^ Deep Cova with Method Man and Redman

Major Career Highlights

For the past 30 years, Deep has also done HAM on drums. He is currently working with Trina aka the Queen of the South.

“I liked playing for Trina,” says Deep. “It allows me to create on the fly. The artists I played for never had a full-time drummer. I created the job and requested an opportunity, and they [get to] see how my energy brings a positive measure to the shows.

When he’s not focused on Trina, whom he calls “one of the greatest female rap artists of all time”, he hits the road with Rick Ross, Jeezy, 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane.

picture of cova trina deep

^ Deep Cova and Trina

“The highlight of my career was doing this new Legendz of the Streetz Tour with Rick Ross. I’m the only drummer on the tour, so it gives me a great platform to grow my brand,” says Deep. continues in 2022 (click here to get tickets).

He is also looking forward to performing on other stages like the BET Awards and the American Music Awards. And one day he hopes to accomplish his biggest production goals for Rick Ross, Lil Baby and HER.

Making an impact in Jersey City

Deep is proud to call Jersey City his home – a city he has lived in for 15 years and the city where he works as a compliance officer. There is no doubt that he passed on his musical talents to budding artists.

deep cova ying yang twins

^ Deep Cova meets the Ying Yang twins

For years I was a music teacher and assistant dean of students for the Jersey City school system,” Deep says. hoboken girl. “I am now trying to educate the hip hop community by going back into the school system and changing the culture of music by launching learning modules in music programs to halve and prevent gun violence. Music changes mentalities.

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Additionally, he is working to bring more women to the forefront of hip-hop culture. “There must be more women at the helm,” he adds.

To connect with Deep Cova, send him a message on Instagram, @deepcova_lb.


Written by: Diana Cooper

After landing her dream job as a reporter for In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly, Diana moved to The Heights in 2014 and has lived in Jersey City ever since. Diana enjoys biking in Lincoln Park and taking fitness classes downtown in her spare time. She loves reality TV shows, dining out and having drinks with friends, and traveling to new places. Her job has taken her to meeting and interviewing celebrities as well as attending exclusive events and New York premieres. But at the end of the day, what she loves the most is snuggling up with her newly adopted kitten, Chloe.


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