Meet Ravi G, the voice behind Anirudh’s recent hit “Naan Pizhai”


How singer Ravi G lent his voice for the trending Tamil track “Naan Pizhai” with Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara

Earlier this year, Ravi G launched an Instagram music series titled Homemade jam, in which he featured covers of many underrated songs from 90s Tamil movies. One of them – a cover of “Porkalam” by Tenali – caught the attention of many, including music composer Anirudh who commented: “Thank you for that. From the president of the RaviG fan club. ‘

Spurred on by Ravi’s work, the composer quickly called him in for a recording. This number, a melody called ‘Naan Pizhai’ (Kaathuvaakula Render Kadhal), is the latest talking point in town, with over three million views within days of its release and trending the music charts.

The response has been unimaginable, “says Ravi, who sang with Shashaa Tirupati,” What is most encouraging is that this is a melody, which in itself is a difficult proposition to produce. composers in this era of catchy and fast numbers. The opportunity to explore such melodies in the film music space is rare. The first time I listened to the track version, I got goose bumps. That he clicked with the public is great news for the musicians. With Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara, the song is written by the director of the film Vignesh Shivan.

Ravi, 33, got his first cinematic breakthrough thanks to a 2015 Anirudh composition in Ajith-starrer Vedalam, and then worked with Sean Roldan as a music producer. His recent songs include GV Prakash’s ‘Boomikkku’ Jail.

Ravi comes from a musical family; her uncle plays the mridangam while her grandfather is a Carnatic singer. He picked up the mridangam when he was just four years old and slowly took an interest in singing. “At home there were a lot of music lessons for the students, and I was learning things just by listening to those lessons. At 15, he learned the keyboard and performed in various shows and musical productions. Currently busy producing contemporary devotional and fusion musical releases, Ravi’s work was also recently featured in the Perumal and Providence Project, a production that gave Carnatic a modern twist. kritis.

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