Miami 2022: Marco Faraone is on a mission in the Magic City


It’s an approach born from Faraone’s particular DJing journey, which began at the age of 14 in Locca, “where I started having small parties with my friends in small local clubs”. His story is one that many small-town dance music fans know well: DJing since he was a teenager, searching for quality underground music, trying out different styles of music, building a home studio, hosting parties with friends – literally building the dance music community that he and his friends wanted in their town.

“When I started I was a hip-hop DJ. I was and still am a big fan of Run DMC, Tupac, Snoop Dogg. Then I did drums and bass for two years , then my sound evolved into something more groovy and I started doing house music. then it turned into techno. It was a natural evolution, I wasn’t really following any trend, just this that I loved at the time.

Landing a DJ residency at the legendary Tenax club in Florence gave Faraone the opportunity to seriously develop his DJ skills. It was an opportunity to rub shoulders with great DJs and really get to know the job of directing an entire evening, playing warm-ups, peak hours, closing times, playing when the club is half full or when there’s queues outside all night long – and above all learn how to establish a relationship with an audience.

“It happened seven or eight years ago,” Marco says. “Tenax was and still is the coolest club in Tuscany and one of the most legendary clubs in Italy. When I was a kid I tried to hide in line with older friends so I could get in. For me, coming from this small town, when I started DJing, Tenax was always unreachable – it was like a dream to play there, but a dream that will never come true. I grew up musically listening to these DJs from all over the world and trying to improve my musical tastes and knowledge. I was always near the booth watching what the DJs were doing. This is the club where I fell in love with electronic music.


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