Multi-platinum music producer Brandon Edward Pugh’s hip-hop taste in “Commas on Commas” is nothing short of outstanding


“Commas on Commas” (Feat. Loso Loaded & Derty Racks)

(DailyMusicRoll Editorial): – California, USA August 13, 2022 ( – Different performing and presenting styles from different artists shed light on the musical genre of hip-hop. Likewise, the hip-hop artist, 50 kick beats have a charisma of their own. The artist’s popular song “Comma over comma” brings a bold and elegant composition. Additionally, Brandon Edward Pugh’s lyricism appeals to audiences on a large scale. Thanks to the artist’s energy and talent, the track has already reached around 15,000 views on YouTube. The artist’s quintessential raw rapping style is a unique phenomenon found in today’s hip-hop based tracks.

The artist was accompanied by two of the biggest names in the industry, as Loso Loaded and Derty Racks are the artist’s collaborators for the track. Over the past few years, if not decades, hip-hop has proven to be the musical genre that listeners connect with the most. Moreover, the artist has been associated with music for over 4 years and has worked with many other big names in the field of music production. Some of the artist’s chart topping numbers include songs like “4PF” and “All Week,” and many more.

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The 3-minute song has been loaded with all the necessary musical elements an artist needs to mix an outstanding track. It’s no surprise that the artist has become such a renowned face in a short time in the music industry. Callous Souls Records is the label the artist is currently working with. Listen to the artist’s entire discography on Youtube and experience hip-hop differently with 50 kick beats“Commas upon commas”. To find out more about his releases, follow the artist on instagram and Facebook.


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