Musician and mom-preneur Kimie Miner talks motherhood, finding balance


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Award-winning producer and singer-songwriter Kimie Miner is one busy lady!

She makes new music, runs a business, supports young musicians and is a mom.

“Our house is always noisy, full of laughter and tears. My youngest is almost two years old. So they are two, three and four,” Miner said. “I’m an artist. So I like to fly by the seat of my pants and go where I want to go. But unfortunately I can’t do that. I have a job, I have three companies and I have three children. I have to program everything.

During and after her back-to-back pregnancies, 37-year-old Kimie Miner again produced new albums.

“The thing that I find crazy about motherhood is that I’ve been inspired by every pregnancy and I’ve actually created an album every time,” Miner said. “I did the Hawaiian Lullaby album, Proud as the Sun and Children of the Sea. I was just really inspired and looking for music for my own keiki and decided I had to do it.

The Kailua Kona native and Grammy-nominated producer started singing and writing songs when she was 14 years old.

“I started with the ukulele then my father gave me his nylon guitar when I went to boarding school at the Kamehameha Kapalama campus. So, I just started teaching myself. There were no YouTube videos back then, I just looked at charts and pictures of your hands and started writing songs.

Her recent single “Catch a Tan” is about letting your inner light shine and Kimie is giving budding musicians a chance to shine through free workshops at her company Haku Collective.

“I see a future for these children. I started doing mentorship programs for the music community and did it through Haku Collective. Haku means to braid or weave together and I believe when we work together we are stronger.

And the same is true, she says, when it comes to juggling raising a family and a demanding career.

“Finding skills in a team has really been my saving grace because, you know, it’s really hard now with the kids! So finding balance and being real with yourself about your priorities is really important.

Kimie releases more new music. She is also working on a new Christmas album and a second Hawaiian Lullaby album.

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