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mxmtoon, the indie pop artist also known as Maia, has landed a unique role as an artist, offering his voice for the latest installment of the “Life is Strange” game series, “Life is Strange: True Colors “.

After its release, mxmtoon released an extensive playlist containing the four songs used: “in the dark”, “creep”, “blister in the sun” and “every wave”. This is the first release of mxmtoon since the release of the studio album “dawn & dusk”, and it did not disappoint.

One of the most compelling aspects of mxmtoon as an artist is his range of tones and his unique ability to convey emotions. The first release of the EP was accompanied by a cover of Radiohead’s “creep”. mxmtoon was able to encapsulate feelings of hopelessness and longing through echoes, hoarse voices and dreamlike instrumentals. The cover is strong in its own sense, adding elements of its own style while staying true to the basic framework of the original song. Not only was this song the right decision for a single release, it was something listeners didn’t know they needed to hear.

Sticking to the themes of desire and self-seeking, “blister in the sun” turns out to be a subtle hymn for those who know what they want. The chorus “Let me carry on / As I have blisters in the sun / Let me carry on / Big hands, I know you are the only one” expresses the desire to continue towards something unreservedly.

It follows the storyline of the game, as the main character, Alex Chen, attempts to solve the mystery of his brother’s death while embarking on a journey of self-discovery. “Blister in the sun” sums up the feeling of wanting to keep on living despite hardships and struggles and mxmtoon’s unique talent is also showcased through this cover.

In an interview with Game Rant, a company dedicated to video game reviews, insight, discussion and analysis, mxmtoon opened up about his contributions with the song “into the dark.”

“I think I tried to be a friend to her, and I think that’s really the topic of this song,” mxmtoon said. “It’s just about trying to find some hope in the dark.”

The lyrics, including “You helped me see the light / The faint fluorescent flicker / In a dark and vanquished night,” shows the desire to find hope in the darkness and mxmtoon’s pictures prove to be one of his best lyrical qualities.

mxmtoon has shown his worth as a young artist since the start of his career and this new chapter is an exciting one for mxmtoon fans.

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