Release of the film “No Nukes Concerts” by Bruce Springsteen in 1979


The No nuclear represents the golden age for Springsteen and his cronies, and is nothing less than “the greatest document of this era that we have ever had,” says longtime manager and record producer Jon Landau. “It’s a pure rock show from start to finish, the energy level is transcendent, and the mastery of the art and craft of rock music is impressive.

Held on September 21 and 22, 1979 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the shows found Springsteen between his fourth and fifth studio albums, Darkness on the Edge of Town and River. Both evenings open with a trio of songs from the first and feature unreleased songs from the second, such as “Sherry Darling” and “The River,” which debuted live at No nuclear.

Both concerts feature Springsteen and Co. performing Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs “Stay”, a ’60s doo-wop song that was reworked by Jackson Browne in the late’ 70s. Browne (who helped organize the No nuclear benefit) joins Rosemary Butler on both evenings, while Tom Petty comes in for the second show.

The No nuclear The film is edited by longtime Springsteen collaborator Thom Zimny ​​from the original 16mm footage alongside remixed audio from Bob Clearmountain, according to a statement.

Zimny ​​began to reexamine the archives filmed in recent years and “quickly realized that these were the best performances,” he explains, “and the best shoots of the band’s legendary ’70s.” , and he therefore dedicated the images.

The film, he claims, is “the gold standard for Bruce and the band live during one of their greatest creative times.”

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