RHCP: “Californication” is now a video game


‘What is that?’ you say, ‘Hot red peppers“Californication” is now a video game?!’ Well, that is precisely why this article was written! Developer Miquel Camps Orteza has created a full-fledged video game based on the 1999 track.

“Californication” is the title track from the band’s seventh studio album. The music video for the song itself has a very old Playstation feel to it, so that’s why anyone would want to turn the song into an actual video game, check out the clip below:

I so wanted to play this game! It’s 2022 and I haven’t seen anyone [make] the game, so I challenged myself to create it. I selected some epic moments from the video and turned them into 7 levels, each with different gameplay mechanics. I hope you like this game.

Miquel Camps Orteza

The game itself, available for download on Windows PC and mac0S, doesn’t include any music (likely for legal reasons), but there are in-game buttons with YouTube links that play the official song and covers. For more information on the game, go here.

The game’s response seems to be positive lately, with one Twitter user writing, “I’ve waited 25 years of my life for this game to be a real thing, thank you so much.” As of this writing, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have yet to comment on what they think of the game.

In other RHCP news, the band recently released the new single “Black Summer” accompanied by a video clip. The track comes from the band’s upcoming album “Unlimited Love,” which will be released on April 1 via Warner Records. The album will be the first with John Frusciante since 2006, and their first with producer Rick Rubin since 2011.


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