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Perhaps it is every girl’s dream to have a love song written in her honor. For Romain Virgo’s wife, Elizabeth, that dream came true about two years ago when her talented husband wrote the single, Beautiful for me. At the time, Virgo had no plans to release the heartfelt ballad. It was, of course, an act of personal love to be shared between the two. But, with a catalog dedicated to making all women feel like queens, he decided that the single should be shared with all women around the world. And so last week, accompanied by some sweet visuals, Beautiful for me has become a reminder to every woman that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

Giving details of the inspiration behind the runway, Virgo said The gleaner that he wanted the song to show women that they are just breathtaking, with or without the extra enhancements they sometimes insist on. “I don’t remember if it was a morning or an evening, but we were going somewhere and I was personally telling myself that she was spending a lot of time in front of the mirror putting on makeup. It’s something I always tease her about. At the time, however, I was saying maybe this could be something. I thought of the phrases “you take forever to prepare, you spend forever looking at yourself in the mirror,” and that’s where the whole idea came from, “he explained. “I took it a step further by saying whether it’s makeup or not, you’re still beautiful to me. I didn’t tell her I was going to write a song. I just took it upon myself at that point.” to do it for her.

Virgo said the first time he shared the trail with his wife she was completely taken aback. “This is something she heard me sing before we featured it on our YouTube channel and she was amazed by the lyrics when she first heard it. She even made jokes, saying that “She doesn’t take forever in the mirror. With every line I sang at the time, she found something to counter it, which was funny,” he said with a laugh. “But she definitely was. Astonished Liz is a very strong judge so if I come up to her and tell her I have a song and her first reaction is that she’s happy and blown away I know we have a great song.

Based on the reaction the song received, the dubbing Beautiful for me a good song wouldn’t do it justice. Within a week, the track surpassed the quarter-million-view mark on YouTube and reached No. 22 on the local trending chart. Fans say the track restored something the music had been missing for too long; respect for women. The latter is something that Virgo is particularly proud of. “It’s a wonderful feeling inside knowing that I can write something from a real place and that people appreciate it. Love is real. As an artist, I am proud to show women how special they are, and this is how it really and truly should be, ”he said, stressing that he always trusted to record songs that put women on a pedestal.

Virgo, who made his debut as a producer on the track, said he was looking forward to taking the lead on other projects in the future. “I went from simply Romain Virgo the artist, who walks into the studio to record a song, to someone who helps others collaborate with others. I feel like as I move forward, I will continue to learn and do more in this area of ​​music, ”he said. “It was good to see that I could put something out and say I produced it. But I don’t want my producer friends to think that means I won’t record for them anymore. That was how good it was. the song was personal that I wanted to give it my all.

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