Satish Sanpal’s Vii to Host Music Event with Talented Artists – News


Published: Thu 30 June 2022, 17:32

Owner and entrepreneur, Satish Sanpal is set to host a music event at Vii Dubai on June 30 with renowned Nigerian producer and singer Asake. Asake will present ‘Afrobeats takeover’, along with various other talented artists.

In addition to Asake’s performance, Vii Dubai will also feature various performances from artists such as DJ Flava, MCTEX, VDJ Tribe, Shoni and SAM B. The event is expected to last for twelve days and feature a variety of musicians.

Sanpal is an Indian entrepreneur, philanthropist, businessman and a mentor to many. He is well known for his contribution to the hospitality industry in Dubai by establishing Vii Dubai. With his valuable contributions, Sanpal has paved the way for many young people in various industries such as digital marketing, information technology and hospitality.

Sanpal believes there is no other place as comfortable and safe as Dubai for entrepreneurs like him to thrive. With the incredible transportation and well-developed infrastructure, Sanpal’s words about Dubai speak nothing but the truth. Therefore, in appreciation for what Dubai has given him over the years, Sanpal has given back a club in the heart of Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road.


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