Scarface Net Worth (2021 Update)


What is Scarface’s net worth?

Net value : $ 100,000
Age: 50
Born: November 9, 1970
Native country: united states of america
Wealth source: Professional rapper
Last update: 2021


Scarface is an American rapper, record producer and politician.

He is best known as a member of the Geto Boys. He grew up in Houston and is originally from the city’s South Acres.

In 2012, The Source ranked him 16th on their list of the “50 Best Lyricists of All Time”.

In 2021, Scarface’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 100,000.

Early life

Brad Terrence Jordan was born on November 9, 1970 in Houston, Texas.

Jordan dropped out of high school and worked as a drug dealer. When he was younger, he attempted suicide and spent many times in the psychiatric ward of the hospital. He was raised as a Christian and converted to Islam in 2006.

His album “The Last of a Dying Breed” was named “Lyricist of the Year” in 2001. He was president and coordinator of Def Jam South in 2000. Scarface has released 11 studio albums.

In 1997, his album ‘The Untouchable’ reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and R&B charts.


Scarface started his career as DJ Akshen, recording and deejaying for Lil ‘Troy’s Short Stop.

After releasing numerous hit singles, he then signed with Rap-A-Lot and joined a band better known as Geto Boys, replacing a member who left and released the band’s second album, “Grip It! “.

His album ‘M. Scarface Is Back ‘was a success. He remained in the band while releasing a series of solo albums that kept him in the public eye with increasing sales, making him the only Geto Boys member to have stuck with the band ever since the redesign of the group staff in 1989.

In 2002, Scarface released “The Fix”. He was also featured on ‘The Biggie Duets’ alongside Big Gee and Akon. In addition to his career as a rapper, he was the coordinator and president of Def Jam South from 2000 to 2005.

Scarface announced that he was working on the new album ‘The Habit’ in 2010, which included features from John Legend and Drake.

He co-hosted a global producer showcase with iStandard, from which thousands of producers were considered, and after a selection of the top 8, Alex Kresovich was named the winner.

Scarface worked with Ice Cube on a remix titled “Chris Benoit” on Mike E. Clark’s bonus album Extra Pop Emporium in 2012.

In 2021, Scarface’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 100,000.

Strong points

Here are some of the best highlights of Scarface’s career:

  • Mr. Scarface is Back (Album, 1991)
  • The World is Yours (Album, 1993)
  • Smile (Song, 1997)
  • Mary Jane (Song, 1997)
  • Fuck Faces (Song, 1998)

Favorite quotes from Scarface

“Hip-hop has always been about style and self-expression, but I feel like as the culture ages it’s kind of lost. You’ve got all these guys here now just trying to turn into whatever hot to chase dollars and tunes, but if you’re chasing the next man, who are you really? – Scarface

“Don’t like me or like me because I’m from Texas, like me or don’t like me because of the music I make and the way I rap and what I rap and the way I bring it. And if you can’t like me for it, then I can’t help you. – Scarface

“I always knew why we made the music we made, just as I know how a life of subtle and blatant racism and oppression can make you want to grab your gun and shoot the oppressor or shoot yourself. above.” – Scarface

” Do not mistake yourself. We are the hunted. We’re the fucking target. You better wake up. And I don’t believe in peaceful protests. A peaceful protest will have your ass kicked again. It’s like in life. If a motherfucker fucks you in the hood and you keep turning the other cheek. – Scarface

“I’m happy when I see ni ** as fighting. Like that Ferguson shit was great for me. Or when they revolted in LA after Rodney King’s trial? I love this shit. I am for anything radical when it comes to mistreating minorities. You cannot lie down in the face of oppression. – Scarface

“And to anyone new to the game, please take this advice: you get into the boys’ business at home and you think you’re going to do it with your friend, but the sad truth is that nine times out of ten in this situation, your buddy is not going to play fair. – Scarface

3 life lessons from Scarface

Now that you know all about Scarface’s net worth and how he got it; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from it:

1. The hard times will pass

Scarface got really sick from the current coronavirus. However, he did eventually get away with it.

2. Work hard

The harder you work for something, the better you’ll feel when you achieve it.

3. Talent and hard work

Hard work will get you to the top. But talent will only get you out the door.


Scarface is an American rapper and singer born in Houston, Texas.

He started out under the name Akshun and released a single called “Scarface”. He joined Rap-A-Lot records and joined the Geto Boys. Their album ‘Grip It! At this other level ‘has been very successful.

He then released his debut album ‘Mr. Scarface is back ‘.

He stayed with the Geto Boys while pursuing a solo career.

In 2021, Scarface’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 100,000.

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