Shab Don’s lawyer threatens to expose YouTuber Sir P for alleged criminal activity


Shab Don’s lawyer is to sue YouTuber Sir Pr over defamatory allegations that he is involved in criminal activity.

The Montego Bay record producer says he’s had enough of people bashing his name and portraying him as someone he’s not. Shab Don has therefore sought legal representation to sue YouTuber Sir P and others to cease and desist from spreading false and defamatory claims or he will take legal action.

Shab Don, whose real name is Linval Thompson Jr., through his lawyer, sent a strong message by pointing to Anonymous Vlogger Sir P, who is behind the controversial YouTube channel, Politricks Watch. The dancehall music producer, who made a name for himself working with popular artists including Squash, Chronic Law, Daddy1 and Vybz Kartel, is back in the studios after being recently cleared of a firearms charge. fire.

Shab Don has also turned his attention to individuals he believes are trying to tear him down and exploit his name to make themselves relevant by spreading damaging lies. The kind of lies that could cost him his freedom.

Sir P, who operates YouTube channel Politricks Watch, has regularly used his platform to expose suspected criminals and their activities, and he exposes all of this in his videos on his channel, where he has more than 274,000 subscribers. In September 2021, Sir P ran with an allegation that prompted dancehall artist Squash to enter the studio and create ‘No Doubt’, a track which was produced by Shab Don where he seemingly responded to allegations that the producer, who is his close friend, had something to do with his brother’s murder.

On Wednesday, April 20, Shab Don shared a statement on Instagram where he made it clear that he would no longer allow people who associate his name with things and activities he knew nothing about to continue doing so.

“I have hired attorney Donovan Collins to assist me in an ongoing defamatory case involving Politricks Watch’s ‘Sissy P’ and other vloggers who continue to defame my character and endanger my life with law enforcement. safety and members of the public, who may seek revenge for things of which I have no knowledge,” the statement read. “These actions also endanger the lives of my family and friends and result in financial loss that will impact my livelihood. This is a warning to those who would follow this example. ‘STOP and STOP’. All legal avenues will be exhausted.

Shab Don attached a video of his attorney Donovan Collins discussing the charges against him.

“Mr. Thompson Jr has been the victim of several defamatory videos which have been posted by popular vlogger Sir P of Politricks Watch,” Collins said. that Linval Thompson Jr is involved in several crimes, murders, shootings and also that he is part of gang activities.”

The lawyer says all the allegations made by Sir P are false.

“Mr. Thompson is a well-known and established businessman and he is not involved in any criminal activity. Now these defamatory videos have caused serious damage to the reputation of Mr. Thompson Jr. It has also caused him We demand that Sir P of Politricks Watch cease and desist from publishing any further defamatory videos of Mr. Linval Thompson Jr. It is very important that Sir P stops this immediately.

The lawyers also added that ‘Sir P’ had hidden behind a computer to troll and defame people in the past. Collins said the cyber veil would be removed and legal action would be taken if he continued to slander the record producer.


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