Stanley Tucci wants to ‘educate’ people about British cuisine with a new TV show


Stanley Tucci has spoken about creating a new TV show to ‘educate’ people about the pros of British cooking.

The actor has written a variety of cookbooks and directed two seasons of Stanley Tucci: in search of Italywhich sees him traveling through Italy “to discover the secrets and delights of the country’s regional cuisines”.

In a new interview however, Tucci revealed that he wants his next project to focus on Britain.

Talk to The Dish Podcast Tucci said: “We are done with Italy. i think we are going to do In search of the British Isles or whatever you call it. We’re going to do that next year. »

“England has so much to offer, and again you kind of want to dispel the myth of ‘Oh, nobody in England eats well’. We know that’s not true.

He went on to say how with In search of Italy, he wanted to prove that Italy was more than pasta and with this new project, “the hope is to educate people, I guess, like I was educated living here.” Tucci moved to London in 2013.

“It’s exciting for me because I can come home more often. I won’t have to fly for the most part,” he added after saying how being away from his kids was “really hard.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Tucci spoke about his involvement in the upcoming whitney houston biopic I want to dance with someonewhere he plays Former Houston record producer Clive Davis. “I’m really excited. It was an amazing experience, and I don’t often say that about movies,” Tucci said.

I Want to Dance With Somebody was released on December 21, 2022 in America and December 26 in the UK. “You want to go there and you want to celebrate, even though it’s a tragic story,” Tucci continued. “When you listen to that voice, it just gives you joy. It gives you such happiness. I was in love with everyone I worked with. I was there for three weeks and didn’t want to go. was just wonderful.


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