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Teejay changes his approach to the music industry.

Before the release of the highly anticipated From rags to riches album, the reggae-dancehall artist takes the time to bond and in the process give himself more, he said in an interview with The Sunday Gleaner.

“I felt like I had to show my personality more,” Teejay explained.

The Stimulate The entertainer has opened up about the changes that can happen in two years and shared his thoughts on the balance between image and attitude after a hit performance on the Reggae Sumfest stage last Friday night .

Teejay, from Glendevon in Montego Bay, called several artists from the second city to the fore, including newcomer Jamal ‘1Dunceman’ and Coded hitmaker Brysco, as well as Westmoreland artist Marksman. He also invited Nigerian record producer and singer Pheelz to demonstrate his Delicacy in his very first appearance on the stage at a Jamaican music festival.

“I didn’t want the performance to be just a run and jump on stage and perform the songs. I wanted to try something new and it was a whole concept inspired by the Netflix series money theft, down to the outfits, and I know I executed it well,” he said. “It was to show another side of who I am. I’ve realized over the years that I have another image but I’ve learned that just because I’m from the garrison doesn’t mean I have to behave like a hooligan The face of the screw was once for show, part of an image, but now I’m just comfortable being myself There will still be times when my serious side will appear, but there is more for me.

It was obvious the dancehall entertainer was trying something new when he swapped his cornrows and braids for a clean, low cut last year. He also explored the TikTok platform more often than before as a way to create content to engage fans, he said.

Teejay said: “The goal is to focus more on the music and not the weight. This is not a gossip bag about ends. Right now Pheelz is in Jamaica and something big is coming. He’s on my next album and he’s done well on the Sumfest stage.

He also praised the attitude of the festival organizers, citing Downsound Entertainment CEO Joe Bogdanovich for offering his personal assistance at the entrance to the event when he and the award-winning Nigerian hitmaker arrived at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Center. before the start of the show.

“Big respect to Joe; I don’t know if it was because we had an international number with us, but anyway, I’m not used to the best people showing up and walking to the door for an artist,” said teejay.

Leaving an additional message for his fans, Teejay shared that as one of the youngest artists paving the way for the reggae-dancehall community, he feels like the voice of the young and “by controlling the anger and our reactions global, we can make MoBay and Jamaica a better place.”

“The system may be corrupt and young people may still be exposed to corruption, but there is a level of appreciation we need to have for what God has given us in order to step out of this negative space,” said- he suggested.

Pheelz shared that he looked forward to Teejay exposing him more about Jamaican culture as they embark on studio work.

“The energy of this island is out of the roof, it’s crazy and there are so many beautiful and talented women with good sound. I missed Ding Dong’s performance but we communicate and I can’t wait to working with him too,” he said, adding that he wasn’t particularly mindful of the “formalities” of the music industry.

“I believe that music is an art and that creativity should be allowed to express itself. I can’t wait to get my hands on culture. Part of that for me, too, is food. I’m ready for some jerk chicken, I came to experience Reggae Sumfest, now it’s time for traditional dishes,” joked Pheelz.

Teejay discussed the potential debut of the From rags to riches album for the better part of a year, and while he didn’t reveal an exact release date, he said it would include a few other surprises.

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