The producer behind the world’s greatest songs


The producer behind the world’s greatest songs

Christian Henson meets Jeff Bhasker 03/27/22

Jeff Bhasker is an award-winning producer who has an enviable list of collaborators to his name, including Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Mark Ronson. In the video, Spitfire Audio’s Christian Henson takes a look around his Los Angeles home and studio – taking a tour of his house, the equipment and the recording rooms inside.

They discuss the instruments including a piano, marimba and vibraphone, as well as some equipment (note the tapes) in his control room. They take a trip to the 2 ton vocal booth and discuss vocal production as well as the effects chain.
To finish with tips for beginners, this is a great overview of the techniques and production methods of a successful producer.

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