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Soulful troubadour Larry Fleet may be new to the country music space, but his rich storytelling and strategic approach prove otherwise. With a devoted fan base wrapped around his finger, the Big Loud artist released “The Live Sessions: Vol. 1” without warning.

A secret launch is rare in entertainment today, as many promote projects ahead of time and tease unreleased music to test the competitive market. The conventional method is one that Fleet eschews, as he recognized the needs and wants of his listener early on.

“I like to throw things away and see what happens,” he told CMT. “For me, I think that excites people even more.”

“The Live Sessions: Vol. 1” is a simplified collection of 11 songs. The well-balanced LP includes previously unreleased tracks, acoustic renditions of beloved hits like “Where I Find God” and two chilling duets with gospel singer Zach Williams. Sonically, live, crystal-clear instrumentals enliven each melody and effortlessly complement Fleet’s raw vocals. Meanwhile, its rich storytelling and commanding delivery turned the track listing into a catchy spin explicitly designed for its people.

The former construction worker turned artist explained that the album is full of “blue collar pride”. The idea of ​​cultivating the live performance project was a no-brainer after finding success on YouTube. Similar to genre hitmakers such as Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and even The Weeknd – Fleet has attracted a diverse following of music enthusiasts.

After witnessing a positive reaction to an acoustic rendition of “Where I Find God” in 2020, he knew fans yearned for a collection without complex production. He mentioned that YouTube helped him reach a new demographic, outside of the country music genre.

“One of my biggest followings is on YouTube. The acoustic stuff I was doing from just sitting in my room was getting tons of views, and people were hanging on to it. Fans were coming to the shows and asking for the audio or want to stream it – that gave me the idea,” Fleet shared. “That’s why I wanted to release it. My band and I did it together. It’s cool and raw and real. I was excited about the album…it was hard to keep it a secret.”

To bring his vision to life, the rising star recorded “Three Chords and a Lie”, “Where I Find God” and “Heart On My Sleeve” at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and the others at Welcome to 1979 Studios. said performing at the Mother Church never gets old and it is his favorite venue. Stepping onto the hallowed stage as an established artist was a loophole moment, as he played the Ryman as a child in a bluegrass band.

“I’ve always wanted to go back and honestly never thought I would,” he said. “Now I have to do it many times. It’s one of my favorite places to play in the whole world – this place looks amazing.”

As fans listen to the full album from top to bottom, Fleet hopes to take them on a journey. While writing the collection with some of Music Row’s biggest names, Fleet wore her heart on her sleeve and drew on real-life experiences.

“It’s a very laid back album. I want you to roll around and listen to it and let it soak in. I like to listen to acoustic style music while I’m drinking coffee. I think it’s “is for whatever you’re feeling, there’s different songs on it for different moods. There’s stuff in there that can get you through tough times and stuff that’s just fun,” the singer. “These are all songs that tell stories. What I do is try to write things that relate. I’ve lived it. I think a lot of people are like me…I know they They show up every night – we sell I see them and talk to them every night.

Fleet is far from a superficial writer, as he isn’t afraid to channel his difficult upbringing to show those who struggle that they are not alone. Fleet included “Layaway”, a heartfelt ballad about making ends meet within the ultra-modern collection.

“I grew up in poverty. Everything we got over Christmas, we bought from Kmart and put it away,” Fleet recalls. “So a lot of people still do that. I’ve been there too – it’s just one of those songs.”

He believes that vulnerable collecting has the power to take his art to new heights. He exclusively shared this Vol. 2 is just around the corner and has a “trunk” full of music.

“I think it’s going to branch out into a lot of markets and into a niche. I think it’s going to help my career. I want to keep releasing these live albums. I want to do that once or twice a year,” he said. -he reveals. of excitement. “I have a lot of songs that didn’t see the light of day. I want to release them, for people to hear and for my songs to have life. There’s more to come.”

Listeners could stream “The Live Sessions: Vol.1” everywhere now or catch Fleet on his very first headlining tour. For tickets and upcoming appearances, visit


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