Mos Def and Kanye West rap in first clip of Jeen-Yuhs documentary


During their TUDUM global live streaming event, Netflix shares an exclusive clip of jeen-yuhs, a documentary spanning decades of Kanye West’s career.

Netflix released an exclusive preview of their new documentary about Kanye West jeen-yuhs. Kanye West, the rapper, record producer, designer and near-legendary figure, has had numerous chart-topping singles including “Gold Digger”, “Stronger” and “Heartless”. He is also best known to reality TV fans as the man who married and then had a fabulously expensive divorce from Kim Kardashian.

jeen-yuhs will cover two decades of West’s career, and is described by Netflix as “an intimate and revealing portrait of Kanye’s experience.The documentary was directed by Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah, a director duo previously known as’ Coodie and Chike ‘, Lupe Fiasco, Erykah Badu and of course Kanye West. They directed the music videos for’ Two Words. “and” Jesus Walks, Version 3 “, but they’ve been working with Kanye since the music video for his first single” Through the Cable. “

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At their global TUDUM live-streaming fan event, Netflix unveiled a debut clip exclusive to jeen-yuhs. The film will feature three acts, spanning two decades. It will cover everything from Kanye’s early days to his breakthrough in the industry to his current status as a controversial but chart-topping figure whose name is on everyone’s lips. Watch the clip below, but be aware that it contains the NSFW language:

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The clip shared by Netflix was filmed in New York City in 2002, possibly at the start of the film’s trajectory, if not at the very beginning. It features Kanye West and rapper and actor Mos Def performing a backstage freestyle rap, ending with the big post: “Fuck you, pay me!“It’s an intimate look at two icons of the rap scene from this period, performing to the best of their ability just for the sheer joy of being good at what they do.

jeen-yuhs has the potential to take a close look at how today’s Kanye came from then-Kanye. The Kanye seen in this clip is someone so far from his new album Donda like, say, Olivia Rodrigo, or some other totally independent artist. The star has been on a wild journey, and whether or not his opinions match his own, how he became such a monolithic megastar is sure to be a fascinating tale to watch behind the scenes.

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