Interview: Natti Natasha talks about new album, “Nattividad” and new baby


You might hear Natti Natasha hits like “Criminal”, “Sin Pijama” and “Ram Pam Pam” in Miami clubs, but you likely won’t see the reggaeton singer partying there. so early. That’s because Natasha (real name Natalia Gutierrez) gave birth to a daughter, Vida Isabelle Pina Gutierrez, in May at South Miami Hospital with her fiance and record producer, Raphy Pina, by her side.

As if that weren’t enough, she’s busy promoting her second album, Nattividad, which releases today, September 24. She will be celebrating the album’s release tonight alongside Justin Quiles at the Wynwood Oasis as part of Billboard en Vivo.

“The last time I went out in the evening was in March 2020”, says Natasha New times on Zoom, adding that his nights weren’t always so calm. “You don’t want to see my wild side. I’m trying to keep her. She’s tame right now. I think I am. [now] more on restaurants and chill vibes: a quick drink, some food, friends and laughter, and lots of talking. ”

The pandemic is partly to blame. This kept most people, including Natasha, from clubbing last year. The pandemic also happens to be one of the main reasons Natasha is now calling Miami home.

Natasha moved to Miami in 2020 after living previous years in Puerto Rico, New York City, and her native Dominican Republic. She felt she needed to be closer to the biggest producers in the Latin music industry and stunning music video venues – both of which are located in Miami – in order to continue working through the quarantine.

At Nattividad, Natasha winks at 305 with her single “Noches in Miami”, which she says is based on real life experience. The clip for the girls’ night out was shot in downtown Miami, Wynwood and Miami Beach.

“It’s more of a song about things that happened in Miami,” says Natasha. “It’s about going out and partying and trying to forget someone and then texting them and looking for them. It happens to all of us.”

While the song isn’t a love letter to the city like, say, “Miami” by Will Smith, sometimes it only takes the mere mention of our city in the chorus to make it a Miami anthem (see “I’m in Miami Bitch”).

Natasha would love to see that happen with “Noches en Miami”. She loves to see cars or boats screaming her music go by and loves to watch people dance and sing, not realizing the singer is watching.
It hasn’t always been that way. Natasha has spoken in interviews that her career was on hold and struggling to make ends meet after taking a big break on Don Omar’s 2012 single, “Dutty Love.” She eventually bounced back with the help of Daddy Yankee – with whom she collaborated on “Otra Cosa” in 2017, among other songs – and solidified her place in the industry with her debut album of 2019, Illuminatti.

Nattividad got off to a good start with Natasha’s Prince Royce duo “Antes Que Salga El Sol” and Becky G collaborator “Ram Pam Pam”, both of whom reached number one on Billboard Latin Airplay table. The album also features collaborations with Maluma, Justin Quiles and Farina.

Hip-hop and R&B fans may notice that his songs “No Quiero Saber” and “Hablando de Mí” sound familiar. They respectively sample “I Don’t Wanna Know” by Mario Winans (who samples “Ready or Not” by Fugees) and “PIMP” by 50 Cent.

What is the difference between the Natti Natasha who released Illuminatti two years ago and the Natti Natasha coming out Nattividad now?

“Everything,” Natasha replies. “She’s more mature and confident now. The insecurities she had have gone out the window. I really enjoy the music I make.”

Natasha plans to take this music on the road next year, but says she has to figure out how to make a tour work now that she’s a mom. At the moment, she sings mainly for a one-person audience.

“I sing for my baby,” she said. “She has her own songs. She has her song ‘drink milk’. She has her song ‘change the diaper’. I could do a full baby album. [also] a very special song that’s for her, but it’s not on this album. It will come in the future. ”

Speaking of the future, Natasha says she also plans to venture into the worlds of fashion and film, though she declines to provide details.

“I want to grow up,” she said. “I mean I did everything I wanted to do.”

Natti Natacha. With Justin Quiles. 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24 at the Oasis, 2335 N. Miami Ave., Miami; Entrance is free with RVSP via

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