NGHTMRE continues to revolutionize the music industry with genre-defying EP ‘UNSOUND’: Listen


NGHTMRE continues to revolutionize the music industry with genre-defying EP ‘UNSOUND’: Listen

Proving that he is a true force in the music industry who is only heating up as the spring season approaches, NIGHT is a true master of experimental production spanning a range of genres. From top-notch hip-hip collaborations to monstrous dubstep singles, NGHTMRE is no stranger to the music industry when it comes to expanding their musical horizons. After having an undeniably impressive past year, it only makes sense that NGHTMRE continues to push their unique sound forward by kicking off the new year with their first EP since 2017. Calling on a diverse army of producers, including RNSOM, Ray Volpe, and mortal, NGHTMRE takes us on a bass-fueled yet emotional journey with the release of its four-track ‘UNSOUND’ EP.

Jumping straight into “Signal” with Ray Volpe, NGHTMRE and Ray Volpe kick off the EP on the brightest note as they incorporate an extended frequency that keeps getting stronger. Going hard is an understatement with this fierce collaboration, as these artists immediately feed any listener with uncontrollable amounts of futuristic and distorted signatures. Go further in sensations with “Euphoria”, Rosie darlingThe soothing voice guides listeners into a state of euphoria. With elements of melodic bass and vibrant synths, NGHTMRE and Rosie Darling proved to be the perfect partner for this superb collaboration. Diving deep into the “sweetest thing” with RNSOM and Davis, the warm bass signatures alongside electrifying vocals are guaranteed to make you feel a certain way. Flipping the EP’s script with “Ring The Alarm”, NGHTMRE and Deadlyft bring out that supercharged bass madness to satisfy all those bass heads looking to go hard on the dance floor. With NGHTMRE ‘UNSOUND’ EP showcasing their ever-evolving sound, NGHTMRE shares:

“The UNSOUND EP is a bit of a preface for my next album. I’ve been working on a lot of new music throughout the year and these are some of my favorite collaborations I’ve done! I think the EP has a perfect balance of heavy, festival-ready tunes, as well as easier-listening melodies. Everyone who worked on this EP is incredibly talented and I think they deserve more recognition for their work. hope this EP shines a light on some of the amazing underrated artists who helped write this music.

Listen to NGHTMRE’s full EP below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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