Oscar and Grammy Winner Paul Epworth Joins Music NFT Ecosystem Token || Traxx


Top music producer Paul Epworth entered the ever-evolving world of NFTs with the NFT Token||Traxx Music Marketplace.

Epworth, who won multiple Grammys and won an Oscar for Best Original Song from a James Bond Film celestial fallwith musician Adele – is set to add its expertise to the market by giving to the London-based start-up consultancy and leading the strategy and onboarding of artists.

“Token||Traxx can change the whole dynamic of the music industry,” Epworth said. “I have been friends with co-founder TommyD for over 20 years and when he offered me this opportunity I thought it was too good to miss. This is the next phase in the evolution of the music industry and thanks to Token||Traxx, I can’t wait to be a part of it.

The platform’s machinations are all about empowering artists globally to achieve commercial success while emphasizing the ability to gain full creative oversight of their music through a web3 marketplace.

British record producer and mixer Danton Supple will also join Epworth at the company. He is best known for his work with Coldplay, producing the worldwide hit album X&Y in 2005.

“Danton’s vast experience in producing and mixing all musical styles will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help and support artists on their Web3 musical journey,” said TommyD, co-founder of Token|| Traxx.

As OpenSea aims to grow, several industries are making unique and innovative cuts to the NFT space aimed at disrupting different sectors. Music has long been a field that is potentially ripe for change.

With Kanye West having recently released an entire album on his Stem Player to protest the – just under – 20% that artists typically earn from their streaming numbers, we could see more adoption of NFT models in times future.


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