Pahrump artist wins multiple music awards in 2021


Passion for the arts takes many forms and for local resident John Michael Ferrari, it is music and entertainment that ignites his enthusiasm.

A longtime singer and songwriter with a deep-seated love for all that is lyrical, Ferrari has spent years creating music and presenting it to the world and recently he has gained several other feathers in his music cap. music industry.

For 2021, Ferrari has won a series of awards, including Crossover Artist of the Year by the New Music Awards and Rising Star of the Year by the Virtual Golden Gala Wall of Fame Awards.

This year, Ferrari was also honored for one of its last songs as well as for its last album, the song “Like a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” being named Peace Song of the Year by Art for Peace and the album “Be the Smile on Your Face” winning the Producers Choice Honors’ Triple A Album of the Year award.

This is far from the first time Ferrari has achieved such prestigious recognition and it probably won’t be the last, but no matter how many times he is honored with accolades that underline his talent and his passion, his feelings of deep appreciation never seem to fade. .

“I am always grateful and overwhelmed by the appreciation of an audience. However, this latest recognition, Crossover Artist of the Year, as well as several previous awards over the past two years, are most unusual as strangers I meet in everyday life approach me and congratulate me either. for the success of a song, or for the honor of a prize. It lights up my life! Ferrari told the Pahrump Valley Times.

Ferrari noted that he had played music and composed his own songs since he was a child, recalling that he spent many hours as a child standing in front of a mirror, guitar in hand and trying to emulate the king of rock and roll, Elvis himself.

“Music gave me the opportunity to meet people because I have performed all over the country. I discovered that there is never a stranger in the audience, ”he said. “By nature, we all need to be creative, to create something. It is our way of contributing to society and the world. The music should make you feel good and I hope that is the reaction of others to my music. It’s exciting that several of my songs have been broadcast on radio in the US and overseas and five of them have reached multiple radio charts.

Ferrari, which produces under independent label Cappy Records, is also set to release a brand new single next week, a song that takes on a slightly different form than the majority of the other tracks he has written.

“’My Heart Can’t Breathe’ is different from most of my other songs,” said Ferrari. “Most of the many songs I wrote and arranged, like the 12 tracks from my previous album ‘Be the Smile on Your Face’, were love songs. ‘My Heart Can’t Breathe’ is a breakup song. Do you know that feeling when your heart hurts and you feel like you can barely breathe? I wrote it after seeing a photo of myself and a friend from a long time ago and it hurt my heart to see it because we are no longer together as friends.

“My Heart Can’t Breathe” is slated for Tuesday August 10 and will be available on a variety of platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Reverbnation and more.

Ferrari made sure to shine the spotlight on the many others whose efforts helped make him the musical man he is today. “Musical success is a collaboration of many different directions,” said Ferrari. “I like my music producer Pepper Jay, as well as my radio promoter Paul Loggins, as well as Larry Beaird Music Group in Nashville where I recorded my last album as well as ‘My Heart Can’t Breathe’, and the fantastic musicians. from the studio who played on my tracks.

Ferrari encouraged those who love good music to check out their new single when it was released and noted: “I would appreciate fans asking their local radio station to play John Michael Ferrari’s ‘My Heart Can’t Breathe’ . “

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