[Q&A] DJ and Producer 4B Talks Working With Diesel and Trick Daddy on “Shut Up”


Jersey Shore based producer 4B teams up with Diesel aka Shaquille O’Neal and Florida-based veteran rapper Tip dad on the menacing production “Shut Up,” which combines hard-hitting beats with summery synths for a high-energy party vibe.

American DJ and producer Robert McKeon Jr.who built an impressive sound identity as 4B tells us how the collaboration with Diesel and Trick Daddy came about and the creative process behind the track.

Having honed his explosive sound for nearly half his life, he reveals the genre he’d like to experience more in the future as well as his to-do list, among other things.

How did the collaboration with Diesel and Trick Daddy come about? What did you learn from the experience?

We did a show together in Texas, I showed him the demo and he dropped it that night and took me out. He lifted me up like a baby on stage. From there, we worked on the song to bring it to where it is now.

If you had to describe the track “Shut Up” in three words, what would they be?

Aggressive, Bass, Diesel.

What was the creative process behind this track? Anything specific about the process that stands out or was particularly memorable?

I wanted the voice to really have an impact before the drop. We also wanted the breaks to be epic. The first drop, I was really looking for a harder bass type sound, but also the pinch to give it that OG trap vibe. The second drop, we had to take him to Jersey.

How has your sound evolved so far in your career? And how do you hope that evolves in the future?

It is constantly evolving and changing. I always draw new inspiration from new things. Whether it’s a movie I watched, a photo I saw, or a show I played.

If you could experiment with any genre you haven’t tried yet, what would it be and why?

I would love to do more hip-hop records. I have so many beats in the bedroom, they just need to find the right artists.

What is your favorite part of the music creation process and what part of the process is the hardest for you?

My favorite part is finishing a song which is also the hardest. Knowing when the song is over is usually the challenge. Sometimes you just have to say “OK, done” and stop yourself from continuing to make changes.

What has been the most surreal moment of your career so far? What’s on your to-do list?

I think the most surreal part of my career is just the fact that I’ve been doing this for half my life. I made a real career doing what I love. Having a hit record is always on my to-do list, but honestly, with a hit record or not, I’m super grateful to do what I do.

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