Simona Smirnova presents BIRD LANGUAGE at Chelsea Table + Stage


Simona Smirnova presents Bird Language on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 7 p.m. at Chelsea Table + Stage, 152 W. 26th Street, NYC. Tickets start at $ 32 and can be purchased online at

Bird Language is a haunting evening of music inspired by nature. Savor drinks, meals and an elegant ambiance with Simona’s genre blend of Baltic folklore, jazz and pop. Featuring an ethereal Lithuanian ethnic bite (kanklÄ—s), a stunning voice and mimic bird sounds, Simona’s original compositions are joined by virtuoso jazz improvisations from her bandmates: Caili O’Doherty at piano, M Ch. On drums, Maksim Perepelica on double bass and rising New York saxophone star Berta Moreno. Bird Language is the perfect fusion of theater, music and aesthetics.

Simona Smirnova is a Lithuanian-born jazz singer, songwriter and kanklÄ—s player based in New York City. She is an ambassador of Baltic folklore in the United States, while presenting a unique ethnic instrument through modern styles and a very entertaining number called “Bird Language”. Simona is a fixture on the New York live scene with her quartet when she’s not touring the world, especially in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Smirnova’s genre style has a unique theatrical flavor and weird vocal improvisation techniques. She skillfully implements chamber music, Lithuanian zither – kanklÄ—s and folk songs in the foundations of jazz and rock. Smirnova’s latest album, Joan of Arc, for string quartet, is an original composition written as the soundtrack to Carl Dreyer’s classic silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). The album is a cinematic landscape of chamber pop, jazz and folklore. Simona’s third album “Bird Language” will be released in early April 2022.

Classically trained on the Lithuanian zither – kanklÄ—s, Smirnova obtained her bachelor’s degree in jazz singing from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Drama. Shortly after receiving the European Touring Fellowship, she moved to the United States to study at Berklee College of Music where she obtained a degree in Contemporary Composition and Production. Simona is a full-time musician and composer and an active member of New York City’s cultural life, a composer member of the New York Composer Circle and a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy.


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