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It’s Friday, November 12th and I’m right there: SLO Brew Rock for the 13th Annual New Times Music Awards. The crowd is buzzing as we await the start of the showcase that will pit the genre’s five winners against each other to see who takes home the best live performance.

Soon, host Suzanne Schonig of American General Media and The Krush 92.5 and 93.3 KZOZ arrives on stage and opens the show.

“What’s up with SLO Brew Rock? How are you? I want to thank so much all of our local musicians who enrich our lives throughout the year.”

That’s why we’re here: to honor the local bands who, night after night, show up in bars, clubs and theaters to fill our lives with great music. The past year and a half has been an unprecedented time, canceling shows and tours and taking bands and music lovers underground, but tonight we come together and celebrate.

The evening’s top prize goes to Best Songwriter, and while The Tipsy Gypsies’ “Old Together” performs, singer Hilary Langdon takes the stage. As she holds her Newtie Award, Langdon says, “This song was inspired by my husband. Thank you ! Goodbye !

Next up, Graybill just received their Best Album award for High tide / Low tide, a two-CD killer.

“I am so honored and grateful for this music community,” said Kevin Graybill. “It means a lot. It was my pandemic plan. It has kept me relatively sane over the past year and a half or so.”

The first to perform is Miss Leo, Country / Americana / Folk Award winner for “Desert Queen”. Miss Leo also won third place for best songwriter for “Sparrow”.

“It feels good to be recognized and I’m glad you like it,” Miss Leo says as she and her band embark on their set. The music finally flows and the crowd digs it.

The next winner of the Open category, father and daughter Louie & Talia Ortega, took home the award for their Spanish song “Mi Perro” (My Dog), a track from their upcoming album. Ruby, released on December 1st.

“Thank you, New times, for the price, “Louie said before handing the microphone to her daughter.” We really appreciate it. ”

“It is a joy and an honor to be here with my father and to share the stage with all the amazing musicians who have won and contributed tonight,” adds Talia.

After their well-received set, it’s time for the Local Legend Award.

“This one is super fun,” exclaimed Schonig. “We love our musicians, don’t we? They’re amazing and that’s what we’re here for, but there’s also a ton of people around these musicians who make this industry and scene work and work in our local community. ”

This year’s winner is Wally Barnick, longtime bassist and vocalist of the Cache Valley Drifters (CVD). Wally’s voice sings the CVD’s Cream cover of “White Room” as I approach to receive Wally’s award because he unfortunately couldn’t do the show, but Schonig offers a preview of his long list of achievements as a musician, promoter, booking agent and music journalist.

Now is the time for Hip-Hop / Rap performance, and perennial winners, Rogue Status, marked the first and second of the genre.

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IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR Hip-hop / rap winner Rogue Status and frontman RoAch Clip brought the kids to the stage as they recorded beats and spat out rhymes.  - PHOTO BY JAYSON MELLOM

  • Photo by Jayson Mellom
  • IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR Hip-Hop / Rap winner Rogue Status and frontman RoAch Clip brought the kids to the stage as they composed beats and spat out rhymes.

The hip-hop collective’s famous Deuce takes the mic, and the classy actor that he is, recognizes those backstage: “Hey, we just wanna say thank you, man, to everyone who works. Everyone here who’s in the bar, everyone serving food and drink. We couldn’t do it without all of you, so thank you to everyone who works tonight. ”

The RoAch Clip leader takes the microphone: “Yo, we’re cleaning up tonight! I don’t know what happened. We’re bringing all the gear home and we’re very grateful … we’re also kinda arrogant, so thank you, ”he jokes.

Their set fills up and then comes the Readers’ Choice Award, which this year goes to The Santa Cruz Family for their song “Mama”, which placed third in the R & B / Blues genre.

“Don’t forget to call your mother and your father, your brother and your sister,” said Patriarch Bobby Santa Cruz, accepting the award, “because they are waiting to hear from you! Goodbye everyone ! Thank you so much! ”

“Oh my God, the best advice ever!” Schonig whines.

Video courtesy of Paul Irving and Big Big SLO

Rock / alternative winners Lu Lu & The Cowtippers will perform next, and as singer Donna “Lu” Meazell takes the mic, she celebrates her band: “Todd [Andrew], you are the best guitarist in the world, and you are so easy to write music with and I thank you for it. I would like to thank my boyfriend for supporting me. I’d like to thank my friends and family, and this guy right here, ”Meazell said, gesturing to bassist Tyler Mitchell. “You’re like… I’ve been with this guy longer than anyone – 26 years playing music. together. Thank you for coming and supporting us. ”

The final act of the night, R & B / Blues winners The Tipsy Gypsies take the stage, and Langdon picks up the mic: “We love what we’re doing and have a lot of fun together. We’ve been performing for over a decade. Thank you! We are delighted to be here. Thank you to all the other musicians. We are honored to share the same stage.

As the crowd waits for the results, I hear people questioning the impossibility of choice. Finally after several minutes, Schonig is ready to break the news.

“Okay, the judges ruled. The bands performed. You enjoyed the show. Right? Once everything has been set up on this stage, please welcome one more, your winner. for the best live performance … I’ll do the thing like they do on TV and I’ll wait for it … Lu Lu & The Cowtippers! Bring your sparkling butt here, girl! ”

Yes, rock / alternative winner Lu Lu & The Cowtippers are this year’s top live artists!

“Thanks a lot guys. We appreciate you! Meazell gushed out, ending another epic year.

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DOUBLE UP Miss Leo won the Country / Americana / Folk genre and placed third in songwriting.  - PHOTO BY JAYSON MELLOM

  • Photo by Jayson Mellom
  • DOUBLE Miss Leo won the Country / Americana / Folk genre and placed third in songwriting.

Best album

• Gray beak, High tide / Low tide

• The tipsy gypsies, Ten

• About the weather, About the weather

Best Songwriter

• The Tipsy Gypsies, “Vieux ensemble”

• Bob and Wendy, “When I needed you”

• Miss Leo, “Sparrow”


• Rio Fleming, “Reaching You”

Hip hop

• Rogue Status, “Up in Smoke”

• Thief status, “Whatitdo”

• b poz, “Makin Moves”


• Louie & Talia Ortega, “Mi Perro”

• The Bogeys, “Skelly Klater”

• Blythe Berg, “Noodles”

R & B / Blues

• The tipsy gypsies, “Hunger”

• Pete Pidgeon, “Waste Child”

• The Santa Cruz family group, “Mama”

Alternative rock

• Lu Lu & The Cowtippers, “Just Begun”

• Ghost / Monster, “The good guys”

• Carbon City Lights, “Dive into a river”

Country / American / Folk

• Miss Leo, “Queen of the Desert”

• The fearless messenger of love, “Tennessee”

• Nicole Stromsoe, “I’m fine”

Readers’ Choice

• The Santa Cruz family group, “Mama”

Drawing winner

• Mike Boudreau won the Ernie Ball Music Man Δ guitar

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