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In this weekly article, we ask a community member five questions. Today we chat with Brad Douglas, an instructor from the Joplin School District.

1. What is JET HD?

JET HD began in 2005. The school received an improvement grant from the Missouri Department of Education. It was used to purchase $ 180,000 of industry standard television equipment. TV production classes were then offered and Cable One (now Sparklight) gave the school the opportunity to broadcast students’ work on their channel.

It’s still airing on Channel 60. We also now broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The program is now offered by the Franklin Technology Center.

2. What types of courses are offered in the program?

We offer television production, audio production, film and broadcast courses.

3. What do JET HD classrooms look like?

We have a modern broadcast studio where we produce our weekly news broadcasts and other miscellaneous productions. We also have an audio studio where we can record student musicians and mix music. We also have two computer labs where students work and edit their projects. They use iMac computers as well as the Adobe suite of programs including Premiere and Audition.

4. What kinds of hands-on learning experiences can students gain from JET HD?

We offer many opportunities for practical experience. One of the best that I offer is the broadcast of sporting events. The students set up the cameras and then broadcast it on our social media channels. In addition to directing the cameras, they also learn how to direct the shows with me in the press box. We hear from Eagle alumni from all over the world in our chat.

A new element available this year is the operation of the new Junge Stadium video board. It’s called the TamkoTron, and there are hundreds of videos that they have to coordinate and play during the soccer game.

5. What are the benefits for students participating in JET HD?

Once students exit the JET HD program, they will have the skills to shoot videos, edit videos, broadcast, mix audio, produce music, and meet deadlines. I had a student who was planning to open her own hair salon one day. She took our classes and planned to shoot and edit commercial videos for her business.

Video is everywhere, not just on your TV, it’s on your phone, your computer, your digital billboards. I have students who follow the path of journalism, like me. One of my current students wants to be an ESPN presenter; another former student is in Mizzou and wants to be a journalist for the BBC.

Brad Douglas is Managing Director of JET HD, Joplin Eagles Television High Definition.


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